Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal, Ltd. takes great pride in helping people who have suffered work related injuries secure compensation for such injuries, related medical care for them, rehabilitation services, where necessary and temporary support. If the accident and/or consequences of the injuries give rise to other forms of legal action (personal injury, retaliatory discharge, workplace discrimination, social security disability, etc.), the firm is among the very best equipped to pursue/coordinate them.

The firm's lawyers have settled and tried tens of thousands of workers’ compensation claims at every level (including the Supreme Court) for people who have suffered workplace injuries, occupational illnessed and/or who have been involved in major industrial accidents. We help clients who are unable to work due to disability and/or illness obtain needed and deserved Social Security Disability benefits. During these otherwise difficult times, the firm provides thorough and informative representation intended to alleviate client concerns about being able to provide for themselves and their families.

Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal  is dedicated to helping clients achieve a just and fair resolution of their legal problem, by holding ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards. We will be diligent and reliable, and we will be courteous to our clients and all others with whom we come in contact. We will be honest, compassionate and tolerant. Integrity will be our guiding star. We will work as a team for the benefit of our clients and will exhibit consideration and respect for the well being of all persons. We are also committed to making contributions to our society and profession, and through continuing legal education and study we will maintain our knowledge of the law.

At the same time we are also dedicated to providing a stable economic and pleasant environment for all employees. We will keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy, maintain a sense of humor, and develop our unique gifts and creative talents.